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Jun Wk 1 – Business Tools [Time: 14:04 min]

Jun Wk 1 – Internal Marketing Event [Time: 5:38 min]

Jun Wk 1- External Marketing Event [Time 3:48 min]


Get started developing and organizing your event with the form below:
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Give The Exam A Try

1. The average student will be a member of your martial arts school (pick one that applies)


2. [True/False] This months business tool is about recognizing opportunities for an upgrade?


3. [True/False] You should not spend more than 15 min looking for 4th of July events in your area.


4. [True/False] The quality on the mat is secondary to having more students?


5. The internal marketing event for July is (select the one that applies)


6. What are the benefits of an upgrade to the student (select all that apply).


7. You can find 4th of July activities by (select all that apply)


8. [True/False] With the internal event buddy passes are optional?


9. Upgrades help with (pick the one that applies)


10. What are the times when a student’s emotions are high during their martial arts training (select all that apply)






Please discuss how to find 4th of July events for external marketing.

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23 thoughts on “2014-06-02 June Week 1 Lesson

    1. Richie Johnson says:

      To find 4th of July events in my area, (even though we’ll be in VEGAS!!!) I simply used google and asked parents in the lobby.

    1. Sean Yaptengco says:

      Christmas in July!! I love it!!!

    1. Stephen Chun says:

      Type in google 4th of July events in “insert zip code” it’s simple

    1. Michael Bank says:

      I used x-mas in july last year for cashouts!

    1. Benjamin LaMasters says:

      I have a TONCHU “Room-mom” who has volunteered to help support the school. I will be speaking with her about local community events.

    1. Jamil Muhammad says:

      Ways I would look up Fourth of July events are search engines like google, yahoo, and bing and then I could look at city calendars or I can ask someone about it.

    1. Coleman Flowers says:

      Not sure how effective marketing would be at I events that are solely set up to display fireworks. Will keep looking for events during the day

        1. Stephen Chun says:

          There are confidence boards that crack and make pop sounds when you break them you could use those at the 4th of July events!

    1. Anthony Clark says:

      typed in google to find fourth of july events then use my parks and recs. resources.

    1. Charlie says:

      Christmas in July is a good idea for equipment restock in your shop and your students gear bags

    1. Jen-Michael Miron says:

      Used to find 4th of July Events within Dacula, Lawrenceville Areas. Also visited each local parks website to see any events that had been posted. Visiting local ciry website also shows upcoming events on the 4th of July or that weekend.

    1. Daniel Paul says:

      Google is your friend. Woodstock always has fireworks and if we dont get rained out we have a parade.

        1. Greg Garde says:

          Make it work and I will be able to fill everyone’s stocking!

    1. Dante Barjon says:

      Local city event list website

    1. Pullen says:

      Pull up the calendar of events from the cities that you pull the majority of your students base from

    1. D’Artagnan says:

      got all the info to start upgrading news students. looking forward to possibly doing christmas in july

    1. Cliff Miller says:

      Got alot from Google and Rec. Center. is awesome! Its good to use more than one because some stuff may not be listed on some sites that you may find on others.

    1. Ms. Sam Noel says:

      I was really interested in the marketing event, Christmas in July. I noticed in the MAIA binder there is also posters to advertise for this event. Has anyone ever done this before and if so what has the response been?

    1. Mike Pellegrino says:

      I think a pool part or work outs in the park would be a good opportunity

    1. Damarcus Benson says:

      One cool way is to ask your parents and students about events in their neighborhoods and communities

    1. Joshua Williams says:

      I have found events through the South Cobb newspaper that is delivered to my home. This newspaper contains events in Cobb County as well as outside of Cobb County. This means that Cobb County residents will most likely go to some of the listed events.

    1. Alberto Dent says:

      I googled 4th of july events in smyrna, and found a good amount of them

    1. Kyle King says:

      internet, newspaper, ask parents/students